Governing Documents

This section contains the Governing Documents for Keller Fall Creek Residential Association.  The first document in the list is a complete file with all the documents that have been filed with Tarrant County.  The individual documents are an extract of the first document for ease of use.  The last document has two components, which are the original filed document and the color version of the document for ease of use.

 Governing Documents - Filed Copy  
 Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws First Amendment to the Bylaws
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Records Retention and Production Policy
Payment Plan Policy Collections Policy
ACC Guidelines Color Palette - Filed Version

Color Palette - color version

General Information Documents
The documents below are being made available for the community to provide general information on the various contracts that have been put in place by the Board.  Please feel free to contact any of the board members if you have questions regarding any of the information contained below. 

    Committee Interest Form
    VMC Landscaping Contract 2011-2012
    2011 Annual Meeting Presentation
    RealManage 2011 Contract
    ACC Modification Form
    Resident Expense Reimbursement Request
    CreekVista Bridge Presentation
     Landworks 2014 Contract
    Website Builder