Frequently Asked Questions
The following are frequently asked questions and their answers:

What is the Role of Committees?
The committees are the backbone of the community and provide strong support to the board.  The committees serve at the request of the Board of Directors in representing the member’s needs.   The committee members meet regularly to discuss matters of interest and participate in the following; (1) be active in the community’s area development, (2) organize social events, (3) instrumental in steering public interest in security and safety, (4) recognizing member's landscaping, (5) assist the association manager in review of the community’s landscaping and compliance to the rules. 
During the regular scheduled meetings during the year, the committees will discuss their objectives and goals.  The Chairpersons meet quarterly and report on each committee activities.  A committee interest form is posted and we encourage you to fill out a form and get involved in your community.  

What is the Homeowners Association Purpose and Responsibilities?

Purpose of the Association
-   City usually requires HOA when the community owns common property
-   Protect / Increase the community property values
-   Create a cohesive community

HOA responsibilities
-   Maintenance of common area and amenities
-   Enforce the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) a/k/a “deed restrictions”
- ACC (architectural control committee) a committee that evaluates any exterior improvements to your property maintaining harmony and integrity of the community.

What are the deed restrictions?
The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (aka CCR or Deed Restrictions) are a legal contract between our neighbors and ourselves which “are for the purpose of establishing a general scheme for the development of the Property and for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the value, attractiveness and desirability of lots within the property” and “are binding on all parties having or acquiring any right, title, or interest in the property or any part thereof”.

Where can I get a copy of my deed restrictions?
A copy of the Deed Restrictions for your property should have been provided during the closing process when you purchased your home. If not or if it has been misplaced, a copy can be obtained from your Association Manager or in the Property Modification section on this website.

Who oversees homeowner compliance with our deed restrictions?
The Board of Directors of the Association administrates and has the authority for the enforcement of the compliance of the community Deed Restrictions. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) along with each homeowner share responsibility for ensuring compliance. The ACC is a committee who volunteers their time to the purpose of ensuring the continuing quality of our neighborhood. The quality and value of the community is much of the reason that most of us bought our homes here. The purpose of the ACC is to help guide homeowners to stay within their deed restrictions when they want to make changes to the outward appearance of their home and/or property. The Board of Directors engages an Association Management firm to assist the Homeowner Association with the administration of the Association and provisions of the deed restrictions.  The Association Manager is instrumental in providing expertise in the operation of the association and assistance to its members in maintaining compliance or implementing solutions.

How do I know if I need ACC approval for my project?
The simplest answer is to read your copy of the Deed Restrictions. However, for most of us, that is easier SAID than DONE. Our Deed Restrictions are full of legal wording and have bits and pieces of important information scattered throughout.  Occasionally, clarifications will be published on the web site or call RealManage.  Any change to the exterior of your house and/or land is probably subject to ACC review and approval prior to the change. One thing you never have to worry about is having your request rejected as unnecessary.  If you take the time to prepare and submit a request, the ACC will take the time to review and respond to it. REMEMBER, if a member of the Association makes an improvement to the exterior of their property without obtaining the ACC approval is a serious violation of the CCRs.  The Board of Directors is required by the Association By-Laws and CCRs to enforce the remedy of the violation.

How often does the ACC meet?
The ACC will meet to review property modification requests in accordance with the requirements set forth within the deed restrictions, or the ACC may meet more often to accommodate the needs of its members.

What happens at the meetings?
A typical meeting will cover all requests that are received by RealManage since the previous meeting. Each request is reviewed and deed restrictions are researched if necessary, and a vote is taken and recorded. RealManage will send a letter to the homeowner containing the disposition of their request. It will contain one of five possible dispositions with the reason(s) stated: approved, approved with conditions, disapproved, disapproved for additional details, or disapproved for research/inspection.  All ACC requests and the dispositions are maintained in permanent records of the Association related to your property.

How does a homeowner make a request to the ACC?
All requests must be submitted on a Property Modification Approval Request Form to our management company, RealManage.  A copy of the Property Modification Approval Request Form is available through Property Modification section or requesting a copy by calling the management company for a copy of the form. Please complete the form in it’s entirety as it applies to your improvement project; and remember there is no such thing as too much information. Many applications are sent back to the homeowner requesting more information so please include all that you can in the application to help insure a speedy process.

 What is the Management Company role and responsibilities?

Accounting department:
-  Process payables and receivables \ collections
-  Prepare financial reports
-  Attorney referrals
-  Tax filings

-  Realtor inquiries
-  Process closings/transfer of ownership
-  Welcome packages
-  Maintain database – names and addresses of owners, keeper of all records for the Association
-  Homeowner communications, i.e. newsletters, website, & meeting notices

Association Manager
-  Agent for the Board of Directors
-  On call 24/7 – Landscaping & irrigation emergency number 1-866-473-7573
-  Drive property to maintain compliance to deed restrictions
-  Homeowners inquiries
-  Process ACC requests and present to ACC committee for disposition
-  Acquire and monitor insurance
-  Schedule, facilitate and attend meetings
-  Assist committees in achieving its goals and objectives.

How can I report an irrigation or landscaping problem?
Call RealManage's emergency number 1-866-473-7573.  Remember to leave your name, return telephone number, type of problem and location, and time.  You will receive a return call confirming the reported emergency.
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