The Board tries to create a culture in which the decisions and direction of the Home Owners Association is driven almost exclusively by the committees. If you would like to make a difference in the community or would like to see some changes please volunteer for the appropriate committee that fits your passion.

Chair: Steve Olmos gladspads@aol.com        

David Singleton, Mike Parsons, Mike Kumpel

Charter:  The purpose of the PAIC shall be to plan improvements to the Fall Creek community. Assist the Board in enhancing the physical environment of the community. The PAIC shall also submit recommendations to the Board to reduce costs.

PAIC CHARTER                       2014 Annual Briefing

Goals: To work towards increasing property values and aesthetics in the community by improving common areas.



Chair: Tara Allen tgettino@gmail.com

Members: Emily Thune, 
April Martin, Sarah WitgenDebbie Olmos, Karen Hoop, Charlotte Leo

Charter: Responsible for keeping the entire community informed of important community events, as well as city, state, and county items of interest to homeowners. Distributes and creates quarterly newsletter. In charge of all community functions such as block parties, community garage sales, and any other social functions.

Goals: Foster a cohesive community by organizing fun, interesting events for the entire community so neighbors can meet and socialize with each other.


Chair: Dean Mengel  FallCreekACC@gmail.com
Members: Darrell Hess, David Singleton

Charter: Review all homeowner applications for exterior modifications, assist in regulating modifications, external design, appearance, use and maintenance of neighborhood homes.

Goals: Shall use its best efforts to promote and ensure a high level of quality, harmony and conformity throughout the Properties. The Committee shall function as the representative of the Owners for the purposes of creating and preservation of a first - class residential development.

Finance and Budget Committee
Chair: Kevin Davis Treasurer1KFCE@gmail.com
Members: Members needed please contact us if you are interested in being part of the Finance and Budget Committee

Charter: To manage the overall financial goals of the community.  This includes reviewing the monthly financials and presenting the Board with recommendations for improving the health of the association.  To view the full charter for the committee use this link - Finance Charter

Goals: To identify opportunities to reduce the costs associated with running the community.  In addition to ensure the financials are managed in a way that allows for maximum benefits and minimum exposure for the community

If you have any interest in joining one or more of these committees please contact the appropriate committee chair.

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